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Has anyone tried that Titan Head Gasket Sealer?
Has anyone tried that Titan Head Gasket Sealer?
I developed a blown head gasket on my vette and my mechanic says the only liquid sealer thats any good is Titan. Has anyone tried that stuff? I need to know if I can trust it in my ride…
O.K. thats what I wanted to know. I’ll order some today. thanks for the info. Oh, how long did it last in your truck? Was it easy to use?
I’ve used the titan sealer in my truck and my BMW.
Yeah, the titan sealer is the best sealer around right now. My mechanic told me to try it on my 2002 silverado 1500 for the overheat and coolant getting the oil problem it was having about 3 years ago. So i did and it actually stop both the overheating and the oil mixing with the water problems. Then about a year ago my BMW with the 6 cylinder engine started overheating and putting tons of pressure in my coolant system. So I ordered another titan repair kit and that fixed my BMW’s head gasket problem to. It’s f_cking incredible stuff. I’ve recommended it to alot of my friends. 
Titans sealer is the only polymer-based sealer out there.
All the other brands are silicate and waterglass! They won’t hold up. If your needing it for your vette I’d say use it if you have to otherwise change out the head gasket. If your going to use a liquid sealer, it’s the only one thats worth anything. I used it on my 98 toyota supra about 4 years ago. It’s still holding.