Just used Titan Head Gasket Sealer on my v6 Mustang! And it WORKED!!! Thanks for the info on that product. Couldn’t believe how fast it fixed the leak. The car was over-pressurizing the coolant system so bad it blew the cap of the reservoir tank! Thought it was going to be big bucks to fix but got it back on the street for less than 150 bucks!!! That stuff is amazing… I’m a believer now. Gonna try it on my wifes Sentra this weekend. Its leaking water from the back of the head.
I’m not a big believer of magic in a bottle. I used Blue Devil once on a car of mine and it clogged up my radiator.
Yeah but you gotta remember, Blue Devil is waterglass. That stuff sucks. The Titan Sealer is supposed to be non waterglass so its not able to clog stuff. You should read up on it. I used it on two different cars both got totally fixed. One was real bad. It wouldn’t even drive 5 miles before it started to overheat. Now I can drive it anywhere.
I tried that titan sealer on a 06 chevy malibu. I had to call them up for a second treatment. The first application stopped the overheat and steam but I was still mixing oil and coolant. They sent me another kit after they charged me shipping for it and I did get the mixing to stop. So far it’s been doing good. I’ll let you know if anything changes.
My sister used the titan oil stop leak on her toyota tacoma. It was losing almost 2 quarts a month. It took 2 bottles of the stopleak to stop the leak. That was almost 2 years ago and it hasn’t leak since. I think their stuff pretty good. Not cheap but good stuff…
Call me old fashion but I don’t put any kind of shit in my car but whats supposed to be in it.
ok your old fashion! you gotta keep up with new tech. Titan is different than the other stuff. It works way better than anything else I’ve ever tried. Besides not every body has 2 grand to replace a head gasket. The stuff you have to stay away from is Bars and Blue Devil. They both suck. I’ve recommended titan products to a lot of my friends and no compliant yet. Of course every cars different maybe some are to far gone for anything. But I’d still try Titan before giving up on it…
Told you it was good stuff… My northstar cadillac been doing great now for 3 years since I used that titan sealer on it.
Blue Devil is not the same as Titan! apples and oranges dude….
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