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Anybody know if Titan Head Gasket Sealer Works?
My 2005 Subaru just blew the head gasket!!! Water is in oil, overheating real bad and steam from exhaust… Can’t afford to replace the head, my mechanic wants 1800 bucks. I’ve done some research and heard bars, blue devil, k-seal and steel seal won’t work cause they are made of waterglass, don’t know what waterglass is but heard its bad for aluminum engines… The only sealer I found that doesn’t use waterglass is titan sealer. Would really like to know if anyone has used it?
I’ve had 4 subarus in the last 15 years and everyone of them has gotten a blown head gasket at some point. The last two have been 4 cylinder engines and I’ve used the Titan sealer on both of them. The first one had water in the oil and a bad overheat condition. The Titan sealer corrected those problems in about 3 hours. The second subaru had steam coming from the exhaust looking like a huge cloud whenever I’d drive off from a stop and would build up so much pressure in the coolant system that the radiator cap would blow off. The Titan sealer required 2 applications of product to completely correct these two problems. The first application got rid of the steam from exhaust but only partially fixed the pressure problem. I called their Titan customer service department and they sent me the 2nd. treatment for free covered under their warranty. After using the 2nd. application I finally got all the pressure back to normal in the coolant system. I’m still driving that car today. I’d recommend the Titan sealer over any other. good luck…
Whatever you do don’t use BLUE DEVIL! I tried that crap in my car and it clogged my heater core. I’ve heard good stuff about titan sealers but never tried it. Let me know how it does for you.
My 2002 Outback had the same problem as yours. I used Steel Seal twice and still had an overheat and coolant loss problem. I ordered Titan Head Gasket Repair made for the Subaru 4Cyl. and actually fixed the problems in less then a day!!! Kept the car for 2 more years with no problems and then sold it.
Used titan on my 99 outback 3 years ago. Still running great.