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Topic: “Head gasket sealer reviews” Plus Fetched Reviews: “titan” “blue devil” “steel seal” “bars”
Head-Gasket-Repair>>Autos>>Repair and Maintenance>> Head Gasket Repair Reviews
Topic: “Head gasket sealants, Reviews” Plus Fetched Complaints: “Head Gasket Sealers
Content generated by: Yahoo, Google, UTUBE, Amazon Steal Seel Complaint: Posted From: www.mythreecents.com by: stewarja on 2016-07-10 I recently bought a 2003 Nissan Sentra GXE with the 1.8 engine for my daughter. I noticed that the car was using about 1 quart a week of antifreeze. I could not find any leaks, but after awhile it began to blow white smoke out of the exhaust and I could smell antifreeze coming of the exhaust when it started up. I did some research on "Steel Seal". I was very skeptical, and was concerned it might cause other damage, but I thought I'd give it a try since I intended to swap out the engine if it did not work anyway. I followed the instructions exactly, left it to cool down overnight. When I drove the car the next day, it appeared to do absolutely nothing to fix the car. The white smoke was not that bad, so I thought I'd drive it a few days and see. On the 2nd time I drove the car all of the sudden when all the way up on the temperature gauge and the car started running badly. This rise in the temp. had never happened before. I drove it a few and parked the car. After the car cooled down, I pulled the radiator cap. To my amazement, the radiator was completely plugged with a hard white polymer (note when I added the Steel Seal it was clean metal). Bottom line, now I need a new radiator too. DO NOT put this product in your car, you will be very sorry. Stay away from www.steel-seal.com Titan Sealer Review: Posted From: Yahoo by: G.Yorks on 2015-06-15 I have a 2001 Chrysler Sebring 2.7 V6, notorious for oil leak problems. I purchased a bottle of the Titan Oil Stop Leak, after about 150 miles & approximately 3 days, as predicted on the directions, the leak was ENTIRELY gone! In addition & serendipitously, the oil light shut off, for the FIRST time in over a year & 10,000 miles! I reset the Check Engine light & passed CA State Emissions Inspection with no further leaks or oil or Check Engine Lights in over a year & additional 10,000 Miles. The titan sealer’s not cheap...but you’ll be glad you used it. go to www.titansealers.com G.Yorks - Lancaster, Nebraska Steal Seel Complaint: Posted From: www.mythreecents.com Posted by usafaviator on 2016-10-09 I ordered Steel Seal for my 98 BWM 528i and followed the directions to the T. Didn't work. Contacted the company and they sent another treatment...didn't work. Save your money and just get the head gasket done right. You will end up wasting the money on Steel Seal that you will end up spending more anyway! www.steel-seal.com Steal Seel Complaint: Posted From: www.mythreecents.com Posted by Clive on 2013-06-08: Well today steel seal has just stuffed my radiator too. Seems to be a bit of a pattern emerging here. DON'T USE THIS PRODUCT YOU CAN'T BE SURE WHAT DAMAGE IT WILL DO. Titan Sealer Review: Posted From: Google Reviews by: E.D. RUSK on 2016-04-10 I just purchased your titan sealer Head Gasket Repair liquid.... and it was my last attempt at repairingthe truck I had just bought... I say Last attempt because it WORKED!!!!! It has completely sealed the head gasket leak! THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!!!! Because of this fix, your sealer saved me $1800 bucks! www.titansealers.com E. D. - Rusk, Jersey City, NJ Titan Sealer Complaint: Posted From: Yahoo Reviews by: mikie on 2013-1-21  I just had to write to you guys. I have a 1999 Ford pickup 150. The rear seal was leaking a quart of oil every 100 miles, and to change this seal I would have had to pull the motor, so I had nothing to lose to try your titan sealer Oil Stop Leak. After 2 trips to town, I have ZERO leaks from the motor. Thanks for making a good product! Oh, and I did try your Speed Wax, it really is better than any of the other waxes from the auto-stores... But I feel your prices are too high! You should lower your prices!!! www.titansealers.com M. C. - Providence, MD. Titan Sealer Review: Posted From: AutoForumz by: J.M. on 2017-04-22 My 2003 Ford Ranger started losing coolant about a week ago, so I replaced the thermostat. That didn't't work so I took it to a shop that told me I had a cracked block or blown head gasket and it would be $1800 to $2500 to fix it. Since I have 140,000 miles I knew that didn't make sense to me. I saw your Titan sealer on the web and gave it a try. I put it in a couple of days ago and it has amazed me how well it has worked. The truck quit losing coolant, runs 100% better and I think I may get another 100,000 miles out of it. Thanks! www.titansealers.com J. M. - Austin, TX Thermagasket Complaint: Posted From: www.complaintsboard.com by: abrome on 2017-1-24 Stay away from that stuff! Alot of money for a ThermaGasket Head Gasket Sealer product and it totally clogged my radiator and engine!!! Stay away from that stuff… They didn't even return my calls for almost 2 weeks!!! That company ThermaGasket (AKA) rxauto. com are horrible. They told me they would not be giving me a refund or helping to pay for a new radiator... www.thermogasket.com Titan Sealer Review: Posted From: Google Reviews by: C.R. on 2015-08-15 I had coolant leaking into my engine oil on a 97 Corsica with 150,000 miles. Symptoms of a blown head gasket. Did a lot of research on the Internet to help me fix the problem and I feel I should also reply to others looking for help. I used titan head sealant. I said my prayers and followed their instructions. IT WORKS. My engine is great so far (3 months) have not lost any coolant and oil looks nice and clean. I feel very fortunate I used this product. I must say I was skeptical, but other user feed back help me try it, that's why I am adding this feedback. www.titansealers.com C. R. - Springfield, MO Bars Head Sealer Complaint: Posted From: www.pisscustomer.com by: 404 on 2013-07-19 A few days ago, before I added Bar's Product, it damaged the whole engine by extreme overheating Now I can’t even drive over five miles without it overheating so bad I have to shut it down… This stuff is really bad news. www.barsleak.com  Titan Sealer Complaint: Posted From: Yahoo Reviews by: Terry S. on 2016-07-29 I just used this titan in my 2003 chevy malibu for a blown head gasket. the car is getting water in the oil and overheating bad. Won’t start easy and pushing white smoke out the tailpipe. I tried the titan sealer and it didn’t work the first time. Only stopped the overheating. Tried it again under their free warranty but still had to pay shipping! It got better, less water in the oil and the smoke stopped but STILL getting some water in oil. Called for a 3rd bottle and they charged me shipping AGAIN for it!!! Finally the water stopped getting into the engine oil on the 3rd. try. www.titansealers.com Terry. S. Wellington, AZ. Thermagasket Complaint: Posted From: www.ripoffreport.com by: 5ca3002b on 2015-07-19 Thermagasket by RxAuto.com product does not work. tried it on 1997 bmw 328i. spoke to company tech rep. said to try it again. paid 21$ more for retry. caused catalytic converter to plug. cost 800.00$ to fix.leak still not fixed. junked car. asked for refund of the 125.00$ .co refused saying that i tried twice and no refund due.[fine print in their directions]. www.thermogasket.com Titan Sealer Review: Posted From: Amazon by: Jacob on 2017-01-11 So far, so good. I own a 2006 PT Cruiser with a cracked head gasket. Repairing it is not an option now, and I love the car too much to trash it, so I googled alternatives to a 3 grand repair. I found titan sealer, and read the reviews from several different sources, and decided to give it a try. Well, I tried it per the instructions, and took the car for several drives afterwards. The heat indicator only went halfway up (normal) instead of topping out in the red zone. I won't take the car on any long trips, just for driving to the park-and-ride, or around town, but this product (so far) has done what the manufacturer said it would do. You can find it on the web only at www.titansealers.com Bars Head Gasket Sealer Complaint: Posted From: Amazon by: Jacob on 2017-03-19 I always avoid using these kind of "shortcut" products normally. In the case of my 500 dollar Cherokee i made an exception. At 192,000 miles it developed a head gasket leak. So being the value of the car i decided to try this product and maybe it would buy me some more time. Well i tried it followed the directions but it didnt work. The sealant had blocked all the cooling veins leading to the cooling jacket. www.barsleak.com  Titan Sealer Review: Posted From: Amazon by: Sally, M. on 2016-07-29 I just used this titan in my 92 Mazda MX 3 for a blown head gasket. I used it and the smoke went away in about 5 minutes. No loss of coolant anymore and my engine is running a lot better. I'm very happy with the results. I’d recommend titan sealer to anyone. www.titansealers.com Sally, M. Salt Lake City, UT.
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