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My sister has a Ford F150 and for months it's been blowing steam out of the exhaust, getting bad fuel mileage, running bad and also has been losing lots of water. She didn't have the money for a new head gasket job so we tried your sealer. I followed the directions and was done in about an hour. Seems like its fixed it. She's been driving it for over a month now and no leaks. We have been telling everyone about your product. Thanks!!"
Danny M.

Way to go! This stuff REALLY works! And, my car is running great (now, with over 165,000 miles on it and still running strong). No problems, whatsoever with your product. It sealed my Toyota Camary's head gasket in no time and got rid of the white smoke! Great product and great tech support. Tell Mike in tech support it worked!!!
Susan C.

"I would like to inform you of the success I have had with your head gasket sealer. I have a Land Rover and a few weeks ago it started overheating losing coolant. I took the car to a garage and they did a hydro carbon test. It failed! They gave me a quote of $4200.00 to replace the gaskets. I can't afford that so I searched the Internet for other solutions and discovered your Titan Head Gasket Sealer. I followed the instructions, added the magic potion to the cooling system and did the 15 minute run cycles and it stopped overheating by the time I was done. I now have over 1,000 miles on it, and it still looks like your seal is holding! Good stuff. Thanks.
Richard S.

"This is the second car I've bought lately that has major oil leaks! Last time I actually had the rear main seal replaced for almost $1000 dollars! This time I found your oil stopleak product and purchased it over the phone. Used it and NO LEAKS... I wish I knew about your stopleak last time around, it would have saved me a lot of money. You guys have a great product!!!
Melissa D.

Life Saving Product. I was 2000 miles from home when my head gasket blew. I ordered your sealer and got it overnight delivery! Tried it... fixed it and was on my way. That was 4 weeks ago and its still holding. THANK YOU."
Stanley H.

I didn`t think miracles happened but thanks to your titan it has. It helped my son save a fortune fixing his head gasket on his Cadillac northstar engine. Unbelievable thanks for making a product that really works."
Neil B.

Just a thank you. purchased your head sealer, and so far so good! Seems to have done the job (thought it sounded to good to be true) since 09/7/16 with no symptoms of failure... Thanks guys!!!
Thomas S.

Used your oil stopleak in my jeep cherokee to try seal up the rear main, it did exactly what you said it would. Leak stopped!!!
John L.

Dear Sir or Madam. I have a Chrysler Sebring which is not very old but is out of warranty it developed a really bad leak in the head gasket. White smoke in exhaust, overheating even misfire! Mechanic told me 2400.00 to repair. I purchased your titan head sealer got it in 2 days. Called in for directions, an hour later no white smoke! no overheat! And running smooth! I'll let you know how it lasts.
Mike B.

From : Cindy L, Bakerfield,IL. I have just used your sealer in my 06 Nissan to seal the head gasket yesterday and it worked! what an excellent product. you guys saved me $$$$ Thank you.
Cindy L.

"We were skeptical of any product that says it is a permanent fix, but we were so impressed by your titan sealed up my head gasket that we ordered a bottle of your oil stopleak for our son's car. I would not be afraid to use this product in any engine. I was a mechanic for 20 years and never seen anything like this! Thanks."
Jack W.

WORKS GREAT. Had a oil pan leak my 2000 Taurus. your oil stopleak sealed it... not even dripping now!
Chris G.

"This stuff is awesome! I have a 535 bmw that was leaking from the back of the head, garage told me I need a new head gasket. I put your titan head sealer in and it never lost another drop of water, the leak was so bad I was putting almost a gallon of water a week in. Worth every penny, saved me a huge bill.
Brian R. (YouTube)

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